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Unknowingly, within the realm of 5 elements, we are gradually being robbed of our health. More often than not, we only learn to cherish when the existence is threatened. Health is always taken for granted. We only look forward to being healthier when the body sends out signals.

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The second you desire to be healthier, your environment will shape your determination on your next action. The gym you commit to should always spark excitement and encourage your dedication to fitness.

Learn to Manage

You are what you eat. Only you, yourself can instil control over your daily dietary regime.  The importance of intakes will naturally put a value to your body and voluntarily, you will abide by its value.

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Calories Per 100grams
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To Ingest 100 Calories


Knowledge begets Power, with Power you can exercise control. There are 639 muscles in the human body, where and what do we specialise in? 

The Know How
The Know Why
The Know How

Invest Future efforts today with

Of course, if you cannot afford time, you can afford only nothing. 

The health you desire, the environment you envision for training, the intake you plan for your body and knowledge you yearn for – will just become fleeting thoughts left unexecuted.

Naked truth aren’t always pretty, but let’s break the pattern before the pattern breaks us.


This Promotion is exclusive for the officers and staff of the Singapore Police Force. Please show our staff your warrant card when collecting your starter kit and access card to enjoy this promotion.

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