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Right here, Fitness Heist sends you a challenge: Just five minutes of your time to read our message to you. At the end of the message, we hope to influence you to accomplish what you never believe you could have achieved.

Nothing sets us apart because we are the same. We have once been in your position. We have experienced dissatisfactions with our physical outlook, our health and our lack of self-discipline. This has in turn motivated us to kickstart an affordable and effective environment to remind ourselves that nothing is unachievable.

It all boils down to this question: Are you up for the challenge?

Competition is everywhere; it is an endless cycle, no matter what business we are in.

This does not mean that we exclude ourselves in the competition. Fitness Heist aims to stay ahead in this competitive environment. Nonetheless, what motivated our start-up was never to compete with existing trades in the industry.  Likewise, you shouldn’t compete with anyone but yourself.

At the end of the day, you are held responsible for the outcome you desire.


Because our biggest rival is more than ourselves.

Our objective to expand

Into North South East West Central Singapore

Staying healthy should never be restricted to age or gender. As long as you have the right mindset to stay healthy, you should obtain great health. 

If you’ve made the effort to hit the gym today, you should be healthier than you were yesterday, vice versa.

Besides being physically healthy, Fitness Heist advocates the importance of being mentally healthy too. By harbouring the healthy mindset of “I want to exercise”, you are on the right track to being healthy. Our concern arises if this thought has never ever crossed your mind.

At Fitness Heist, we hope to transform your need to exercise into a desire to exercise.
There is an immense difference in “I need to exercise” vs “I want to exercise”.

Our Concept of Transformation

"I'll Want to Exercise"

"I Need To Exercise"

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Packed with rewards, making your fitness journey a fun-filled one
Upcoming exciting programs
Featuring Movie Nights with hi-fidelity sound systems for everyone to enjoy.

We are unsure if you’ve often heard of “This is the best price you can find in the industry”.

We strongly disagree with the above sentence. May we ask, who determines the “best price” in the industry? Pricing is set by business owners.

The key question is, why should consumers be caught in the price war, and as a result bear the high costs? More often than not, consumers are paying more than what they should. While setting our price, Fitness Heist has decided to assume full responsibilities for the price war with the intention of not implicating consumers.

Being healthy should be at a lower cost, this is what Fitness Heist feels that price of health should be.

Average gym benchmark

Up to $10/day

at fitness heist

Up to $1/day

“You do your best, God will do the rest.”

You take responsibility for your physical and mental health, Fitness Heist will provide an affordable and reasonable pricing for you.

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