What sparkled off as an idea to obtain better health became more than just a concept. It became a mission and a goal on the greater scheme of things. We wanted Fitness Heist to provide every individual an opportunity to take back control of their own health, and in so – a better chance in prioritising health first – a discipline even we ourselves often struggle to commit to.

The Journey

To build up Fitness Heist was both a heartfelt and challenging one. From planning, to development and implementation, many long hours and careful thought was put into action.

We are deeply grateful to our friends, families and partners who believed in our mission, and helped us build this brand together. Despite the time and resources constraints, may we always remember the effort of our hard work.

"Teamwork as always, is Key."

Most importantly, we want to thank our Fitness Heist members for believing in our vision and aligning with our values. Your journey to better fitness will always continue to be our mission.

We will strive to improve in ways we can as we sail through this revolutionary Fitness journey together. And in doing so, we present the Fitness Heist prime highlight reel which you can preview here:

Jennifer Morris

Senior Vice President

Freya Gilbert

Senior Vice President

Mark Summers

Senior Vice President

Jackson Trevino

Senior Vice President

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Last But Not Least,

With CNY arriving just around the corner, Fitness Heist shall strive to be extra vigilant in ensuring a conducive training environment for each and every one of our community members. Stay tuned for more updates!

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