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Why should consumers be caught in the price war, and as a result bear the high costs? 

Gym A
$250 Monthly Memberships
Gym B
$200-249 Monthly Memberships
Gym C
$150-200 Monthly Memberships
Gym D
$80-149 Monthly Memberships
Fitness Heist
$120 One Time

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Enjoy complimentary membership up to 31st December 2022 when you have 5 successful referrals!*

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Rated By Our Community

out of 5

“I was taken aback when the staff of Fitness Heist told me about the membership pricing! I mean, it is totally value-for-money considering all the facilities that are offered in their gym. Shower facilities, changing room, locker & plenty of equipment within the gym. Thumbs up Fitness Heist!!!”

11 Dec / James Cheong

“I’ve been travelling across different countries for years and I’ve never ever seen such a modern futuristic gym. From alfresco set up with cozy environment for gym goers till their interior lighting display. I feel that the entire gym is so beautifully done up! Instagram worthy! Good job Fitness Heist.”

3 Dec / Kenneth Tay

“I drive almost every other day and one of my biggest concerns I have is the availability of parking lots near the gym and the convenience. There are ample parking lots right outside their gym which is free after 10:30pm. With less than 5 minutes away from Farrer Park MRT its also surrounded with lots of awesome food within that area!”

7 DEC / Jason yan

“I’ve been friends with the founder and group of shareholders of this gym for many years. I’ve personally witnessed the entire process where they’ve given 100% effort in crafting up the gym. Constantly standing in the customers’ point of view for the gym setup with the aim of letting customers achieve the best quality & service. Most importantly, the awesome feeling you get in Fitness Heist. Strongly recommend signing up if you haven’t done so!”


“If you have yet to check out their referral system in Fitness Heist, go check it out! I’ve been actively referring my friends to this gym to work out together. And I have to say, I am totally enticed by the referral gifts that were rewarded. All the items they came up with are essential for us especially when we decide to workout at home. Looking forward to the levelling system where other supplementary items will be introduced in time to come!”

1 Dec / Brigid Ong

“When I first stepped into the gym, I knew I HAVE TO and WANT TO sign up. I absolutely love how all the staffs are so patient in showing me around the gym. Have I also mentioned, one of my favourite corner of the gym is the the changing room? From the illuminated mirrors, down to the smallest details of the plants by the sink. I’m so glad I found a place that is able to motivate me to leave home for a workout, for a better self. Thank you, Fitness Heist!!!!”

25 JAN / Chan Huei

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