Fitness Heist Flexi Bar


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    • Self Collect at FITNESS HEIST gym outlet at 40 Sam Leong Road, Singapore 207930
    • Through high-frequency vibration, the loose muscles on the surface of the bone can sway. It will beautify your posture, strengthen the back muscles, and also bring you a good body shape.
    • During the exercise of the flying stick, the deep trunk muscles, abdominal muscles, shoulder muscles, connective tissue, and the deeper layers will all be strengthened at the same time. The abdomen and buttocks will become tight, the chest and triceps will be exercised, and the metabolism will be promoted for a long time.
    • The middle handle is directly compressed on the glass fiber with a special material, the craftsmanship is fine and not easy to break, the exercise does not slip, and the hand feels comfortable and safe.
    • The elastic bar can make the muscles vibrate approximately 276 times per minute, exercise muscle fibers, and improve the effect of exercise while shortening the exercise time.
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